Digital Practices as Essential Components of Collaborative Process

To integrate face to face encounters with digital exchanges as the launch point to build synchronous and asynchronous online digital practices as vital and irreplaceable components of the collaborative process for the creation of choreography; and as models for coalition building through intentional arts-based collaboration.

  • What can we learn when we combine a technology-infused life with a physical, embodied way of being?
  • How can Face to Face practices be combined with online interactions as an integral, irreplaceable part of a dance-based collaborative project; or as an individually-driven project with peer feedback?
  • How does an interactive tool also become an archival tool, and/or avoid evolving into only an archival tool?
  • How can these tools/methods/practices be used in the teaching of choreography and collaborative practice?

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THINKING ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS TO NOT WORK IN THE MATERIAL WORLD. Zine by Charlotte Richardson-Deppe. Calligraphy pen and colored pencil on paper. May 25 2017.

Research Team:

Celeste Miller M.F.A., Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance, Grinnell College

Charlotte Richardson-Deppe Grinnell College Class of 2019, majoring in Studio Art and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies